SC Speaker Upgrade

The LC Doane SC Series has been upgraded to offer an optional speaker compartment for those challenging applications requiring the highest security in tight spaces. The SC Family is a corner mount luminaire designed to withstand high abuse in correctional facilities and behavioral health applications.

Utilizing the highest efficiency LED technology in both 2’ and 4’ fixtures with up to 12,000 Lumens, the SC fixture combines an Optic Plus lens and a factory programmable, dimmable 0-10Vdc 1% driver that will perform at temps of -40°C Min. to 50°C Max.

Since the SC Series is a part of the Correctional line of fixtures, it is equipped with recessed, stainless steel, tamper-proof fasteners fit for every high-security scenario including corridors, waiting rooms, and sally ports.

Learn more about the SC fixture by visiting its cut sheet.