The L.C. Doane Company HRA-HRAM Surgical Fixtures

We have combined the HFD and the HGD into the new HRA recessed Surgical Suite fixture suitable for use in both hard ceiling and grid ceiling applications.

We have also created the HRAM, a separate catalog number for the MIL461 version. The new HRAM cut sheet includes additional data on our tested and certified MIL461 driver.

Both the HRA and HRAM maintained the same excellent photometrics – the best in the industry!

This is the first of our fixture series to be designed for grid/flange applications, and you can expect to see this same change in our Cleanroom fixtures shortly. And of course, these cut sheets have incorporated the new lumen output nomenclature.

Thank you for your continued support and please let us know if you have questions on the HRA and HRAM or any of our other fine products.