Build Your Next Order with Lumen LED Output Charts

Starting with the RXB-LED and RXF-LED cut sheets, we will be gradually updating our cut sheets to provide pre-set, standard lumen outputs to simplify and better help you specify and choose L.C. Doane products. Below is an example and explanation of the new nomenclature: RXF22-2W55/40-80-CW-VARDM-122/00-NS We are changing to the W designation to differentiate from […]

L.C. Doane Is Pleased to Introduce Cleanroom Red and Amber Cut Sheets

L.C. Doane has added Cleanroom LED Red and Amber cut sheets to our website. Many of you already know that we offer these color LED options for the RX Series fixtures, but we now have cut sheets online. You will note that as we introduce new fixtures we are adding the lumen output options on […]

L.C. Doane Is Pleased to Introduce the Redesigned Surgical Lighting Fixture

We have combined the HFD and the HGD into the new HRA recessed Surgical Suite fixture suitable for use in both hard ceiling and grid ceiling applications. We have also created the HRAM, a separate catalogue number for the MIL461 version. The new HRAM cut sheet includes additional data on our tested and certified MIL461 […]

L.C. Doane’s 2019 Commercial Product Guide Is Here

Our new 2019 Commercial Product Guide is officially here! This release comes with exciting changes not only in print but also on our website. While some changes were made, we maintained the look and feel of this tool. You will notice that we have added two product sections, Behavioral Health and NSF – Food Processing. […]

L.C. Doane’s VSA / VSB Vandal Resistant LED Lighting Fixture

Our new VSA and VSB Product Sell Sheet is now available highlighting the many features and applications of these popular and versatile fixtures. You can find the new VSA/VSB piece and other LC Doane literature here. LC Doane will be putting together additional pieces to highlight some of our other fixtures including the new HRA/HRAM Surgical Suite […]